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ARe site closing…another cautionary tale

Sadly, with VERY short notice, an announcement came out that All Romance eBooks is closing its doors. For me, the impact was that, being a terrible procrastinator about downloading many of my e-books, I had to make sure I had gotten all of the books in my library (especially since some of them were undoubtedly in the computer that crashed a couple of years ago). I also had e-books bucks left to spend, and at first I thought I was out of luck (which wouldn’t be new…I have had multiple balances that were lost as different publishers went belly up–you would think I would learn, wouldn’t you?) but I was able to spend them! Of course, I was frustrated about the short notice because I had been visiting the site over the past few days to pick up the freebies that were offered and could have spread out the chore over the multiple days while the site was working quickly.

Now, I find out that the authors are being VERY POORLY treated! For more information, please check this link. I have no personal knowledge of the facts being shared in that post, but I HAVE seen posts from multiple authors’ feeds that lead me to believe there is at least some truth to the claims. Even worse, books were still up for sale when I last looked, and it doesn’t seem that the authors will receive their just payment…and personally, I’d rather send the author their share directly so that they will reap the fruits of their hard work!