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Disappearing reviews

A fellow reviewer reached out to me because her reviews had disappeared from Amazon. She was understandably upset and I referred her to another reviewer whose fight to restore her reviews was thankfully successful. Ironically, I had just skimmed a different post from Amy Vasant about the subject (link below).


I have (slowly) begun “unfriending” authors on Goodreads since Amazon owns it and will evidently draw its own conclusion about whether I actually have ties to these folks other than liking their stories. I don’t use Facebook but evidently that is a significant factor in identifying links between folks.


I find it frustrating that trolls can go through and give one star to a myriad of authors and not trigger censorship, yet Amazon seems to forget that most authors are avid readers and definitely have an opinion about what they’ve perused.

Anyway, I hope this helps folks…


This is the opening paragraph of the Author Marketing Experts article on “Amazon’s Disappearing Reviews”

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Amazon’s Disappearing Reviews: The Surprising Reason Why Book Reviews are Getting Pulled (and how to fix it)

I write a lot about Amazon, some stuff is great – like the cool tools they secretly launch to help authors, while other stuff is more geek-related – like the Amazon Ads dashboard! I’ve spent a lot of time writing and talking about Amazon reviews, and also, Amazon pulling reviews. Sadly, this problem of disappearing reviews isn’t going away, in fact it only seems to be getting worse. What I hope to uncover in this piece, is not a big scope solution, because there isn’t one (and I’ll explain why) but rather add some additional check marks to your already long list of do’s and don’ts, when it comes to Amazon reviews, and keeping the book reviews you’ve got!

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Author Amy Vasant discusses (and promotes her author promotion site and giveaways)…


How to keep your Amazon Reviews from disappearing