Editing services

Fees range from $3.00-12.00 (U.S.) per 1000 words.  Turnaround time depends on length of manuscript and my workload.  I prefer to receive checks or money orders.  If Paypal is used, fees will be 6% higher.

Please submit a sample of 1,000 words for a quote.  My e-mail address is:  elewkf1@yahoo.com  or you can use the contact form below

Proofreading ($3.00-5.00/1000 words):  No proofreader gets ALL mistakes but I definitely do my best to catch as many as possible.  I do two passes (on the same manuscript)

Copyediting and Editing ($5.00-12.00/1000 words):  I check for grammar, continuity, point of view (POV) shifts/head-hopping, GMC (goal/motivation/conflict), logic and other elements to ensure that the story flows smoothly.

Blurb composition or editing:  $10.00 if I have edited the manuscript, $20.00 if I have not.

My qualifications:

I have always been a person who catches errors while reading the wide variety of genres that I enjoy.  I am an avid reader and have had the pleasure of being a reviewer for a very active review site (I have written 1500+ reviews over the past few years).  Several of the authors that I have worked with have had other professional editors  review their work before I pointed out sometimes very significant errors.  I continually try to hone my skills and take classes on writing and grammar and lurk on a wide variety of loops as I keep track of the field.  I currently am an editor for a publisher in addition to regularly working with several well-known authors and I have worked on both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.  Please see my references page for comments from some of the authors I have the pleasure of working with.

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